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          Mar. 30, 2017


Dear TRIZ Colleagues,

    Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University)

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated today (dated Mar. 30) in English and in Japanese pages.

[1] Personal Report of ETRIA TFC 2016: Introductions of Individual Papers:

     A. Methodology of TRIZ (6 Papers)

     B. Integral Use of TRIZ with Relevant Methods (11 Papers)

       Toru Nakagawa (OGU)

[2] Schedules of TRIZ Conferences in Japan and in the World


[1] Conference Report (31)-Papers A and B:

   Personal Report of ETRIA TFC 2016: Introductions of Individual Papers:

     Toru Nakagawa (OGU)

Introductions of all the individual papers presented at TFC2016 last October are going to be posted here according to the categories of topics.

The following is a list of the papers introduced now, showing their titles and authors.

Papers with marks are highly recommended.

A. Methodology of TRIZ (6 Papers)

A1. Problem definition and identification of contradictions in the interdisciplinary areas of mechatronic engineering:
Didier Casner (Germany) et al.

A2. How to Generate Simple Model Solutions Systematically from Function Analysis Diagram:
Min-Gyu Lee (Finland & Korea)    

A3. TRIZ-based approach for process intensification and problem solving in process engineering:       concepts and research agenda:
Didier Casner et al. (Germany)

A4. Method of time-dependent TRIZ function ranking:
Nikolai Efimov-Soini et al. (Finland)

A5. Tech-Finder: a Dynamic Pointer to Effects:
Davide Russo et al. (Italy)      

A6. Statistical use of the TRIZ contradiction matrix, experimentation on a ball bearing technical issue:
Elie Aupetitgendre et al. (France)

B. Integral Use of TRIZ with Relevant Methods (11 Papers)

B1. Cause-Effect Chains Analysis using Boolean algebra:
Jerzy Chrz?szcz et al. (Poland)    

B2. Trend of Increased Addressing of Human Senses - Near Field Senses ?:
Oliver Mayer (Germany)

B3. Lessons for TRIZ from Design Thinking & Lean 3P:
Michal Halas (Poland)

B4. What a well-trained TRIZ user can learn from other design methodologies: an initial speculation:
Leonid Chechurin (Finland) et al.

B5. The Application of TRIZ to exclude Product Failures caused by unintended Operation Errors:
Juergen Hess ( Germany)    

B6. A Praxeological Model of Creative Actions in the Field of Mechanical Engineering:
Maksymilian Leszek Smolnik (Poland)

B7. Can TRIZ functional analysis improve FMEA:
Christian Spreafico et al. (Italy)    

B8. Effective Design Approach with Inventive Principles to Reputational Damage Risk on the Internet:
Manabu Sawaguchi et al. (Japan)    

B9. Applying TRIZ and Lean Tools for Improving Development Processes. A Case Study from Industry: Improving the Testing Process for SW and HW-related Products:
Martin Kiesel et al. (Germany)    

B10. Roadmapping the Disruptive Innovation Technologies Based on CV of Resource:
Jianguang Sun et al. (China)

B11. Towards Experience Capitalization for Inventive Problem Solving:
Pei ZHANG et al. (France)

   I am going to write the Introductions of 29 more papers. It will take 2-3 months (?), I am afraid.

[2] TRIZ News: TRIZ Conferences in Japan and in the World

   Japan Creativity Society (JCS): 39th Annual Conference on Sept. 9-10, 2017 in Yokohama

   Japan TRIZ Society (JTS): 13th TRIZ Symposium in Japan on Sept. 21-22, 2017 in Tokyo.

   European TRIZ Association (ETRIA): TRIZ Future Conference (TFC 2017)
                     on Oct. 4 - 6, 2017 in Lappeenrata, Finland.

   Altshuller Institute: TRIZCON2017 on Oct. 3-5, 2017 at Atlantic City, NJ, USA.

                        (Note: Postponed from the former plan of Apr. 4-6, 2017)

   International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ): TRIZfest-2017 Conference and related events

                        on Sept. 14-16, 2017 in Krakow, Poland.

   Society of Systematic Innovation (SSI): ICSI 2017 on Jul. 11-14, 2017, in Beijin, China.

Best wishes,



Toru Nakagawa, Dr., Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University

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