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TRIZCON2017 -  Has been postponed. We will advise when this event is rescheduled.

Thank you for your patience. Richard Langevin


Special Opportunity to become AI certificed TRIZ Practititoner

AI TRIZ Practitioner Workshop takes 5 days of training and also includes practical exercises, mini TRIZ projects, and a certification exam. The instructor will be Isak Bukhman, TRIZ Master and President of AI.

AI TRIZ Practitioner is able to analyze systems, define problems and create advanced concepts for solutions. Topics of Curriculum for  AI TRIZ Practitioner Workshop will include:

  1. TRIZ overview, main ideasIsak Bukhman
  2. Quick move through main topics of AI TRIZ Associate workshop: 
  • Laws of system evolution
  • System and physical contradictions
  • Substance-field-time-space resources determination and using for problem solving
  • Value Methodology, and system functional analysis, basics
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Scientific Effects and Phenomena application for problem solving
  1. Technology for Innovation, overview
  2. Hybrid/Alternative system design
  3. Substance-Field Modeling and Analysis
  4. System of Standard Solutions:  5 Classes
  5. System Functional Modeling/Analysis, Trimming Method - Design Simplification Strategy
  6. Substance-field-time-space resources determination and using for problem solving, practice
  7. ARIZ-85C Parts: 1-4 case studies and practice
  8. Concept evaluation and selection, hybrid concept design, concept scenario
  9. TRIZ mini-projects, practice

This Workshop will be held on 8-12 May in Worcester. MA. For more information go to TRIZ Training for details click TRAINING


Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Location: Linq Hotel and Casino

Theme:  "TRIZ in Education, Industry and Business"


Call for papers is now open. Abstracts need to be submitted before 15 February 2017.

All Abstracts should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Isak Bukhman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and Mansour Ashtiani This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See author guidelines.

We are holding TRIZCON2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada on on a date to be determined. Our Program and Papers Coordinator will be Mansour Ashtiani, a past President of AI.

Call for Papers is open. We are looking for papers and case studies relative to innovation in all areas by using TRIZ. Areas of interest include but not limited to:

  1. Engineering  -- Mechanical, Chemical, Aerospace, etc.
  2. Education -- STEM, University, worker training programs, etc.
  3. Medical Applications -- Research, product development, process improvements, etc.
  4. Other applications.

Abstracts are coming in for TRIZCON2017. We have extended the Call for Abstracts until 15 February. We will post accepted Abstracts to the website upon review by the Papers Committee. Get your Abstracts in to Mansour Ashtiani, Isak Bukhman and Altshuller Institute as soon as possible.Papers will be due NLT 1 March 2017.

Keynotes: There will be 3 keynotes for this event: 

Alexander Selyuntsky

  • Alexander Selyutsky, a key figure in TRIZ development and lifetime friend of Genrick Altshuller, will be there to be a keynote and answer your questions. Alexander Selyutsky is a TRIZ Master; he is working on TRIZ history, teaching adults, college students, and schoolchildren. He has got involved in TRIZ his daughter (Alla Nesterenko is one of the leading specialists in teaching TRIZ to kids of various age) and grandchildren. Alexander’ role in TRIZ is unique, he became the first TRIZ business administrator and devoted TRIZ promoter. Without him, TRIZ today will be quite different. 
  • TRIZCON Botti.757
  • Dr. Jean Botti is the Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer of Royal Philips company. He is responsible for Innovation, Strategy & Alliances, Design, Intellectual Property, Sustainability, Medical Affairs, Innovation-to-Market Excellence. Before this, he was the Chief Technical Officer of Airbus Group, a global leader in aeronautics, space, and related services. He is a recipient of both the French National Order of the Legion of Honor and the French Medal of Aeronautics. Jean has a track record in driving innovation and change in highly regulated high-tech industries. He began his professional career at Renault in 1978 and then worked in various roles in Europe and the US with General Motors and Delphi. He joined Airbus in  2006, where he led the innovation behind the company’s market successes.
  • Dr. Frieder Sieber.751
  • Prof. Dr. Frieder Sieber is the president of Leibnitz Institute for Interdisciplinary studies, Berlin, Germany. Some of his latest achievements:

    2006-           Head supervisor, bsw Bildungswerk der Sächsischen Wirtschaft e.V.

    2008-           President, EASE European Association for Studies and Education

    2009-           Member of the Board of Managers, LIFIS e.V.

  • TRIZ Masters: We have 9+ TRIZ Masters who are planning to attend and will provide their expert experience in driving innovation forward. Also, there will be panel and round table discussions along with 25+ papers and case studies. You do not want to miss exciting TRIZCON event in one of the most entertaining and family friendly cities in the USA.

  • Dr. Alla Selyutsky-Nesterenko will be joining her father.  Alla is a leading teacher/expert of creativity and innovation for children.

  • Ellen Domb will be holding court on an innovative Cirque du Soliel show and will show you how to relate the action and entertainment with innovative TRIZ methods.

  • Jack Hipple will provide a special TRIZ Introductory training for new people looking at TRIZ for the first time.

Conference Fees: We have set the fee for the 3-Day TRIZCON2017 at $1500 USD. There will be special pricing for 1-day and 2-day attendees.We have early registration special: Buy one and get one at 50% off. That is a savings of $750 for the pair of registrations. Go to here to REGISTER.

2 Pre-conference  Workshops -- 1-3 APRIL

The first Workshop offered is a 3-Day TRIZ Introductory Workshop with Associate Certification exam. The instructor will be Victor Fey, TRIZ Master and AI Certification Director. The Associate Workshop is for those individuals looking to learn the basics of TRIZ and develop a working knowledge of how to use TRIZ in the world. Participants should read some TRIZ materials and be ready for a rigorous workshop to get them ready to take the AI Associates exam. This workshop includes training, handouts, AI certification exam and a one year membership in AI. The fee for this workshop is $1800 USD.


The 2nd Workshop will be an Advanced TRIZ Workshop for people wishing to prepare for TRIZ Practitioner. The instructor will be Isak Bukhman,TRIZ Master and President elect of AI. Individuals taking this workshop will be beginning their journey to becoming TRIZ Practitioners. During the 24 hours of training, you will build upon your initial skills developed during your Associate training. Topics will include: Brief review of basic TRIZ material, Su-Field modeling and Analysis, System of Standard Solutions, ARIZ-85C overview and Creative Imagination development. This workshop is the initial training for the Practitioner Certification Level. The fee for this workshop is $1800 USD.


Special Discount: If you attend ether Workshop and attend TRIZCON2017, the combined fee will be discounted to $2650 USD pp. This is the lowest Workshop & Conference fee that you will find offered at any TRIZ conference.


Preliminary Agenda  -  More to follow - subject to change

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Hotel Information

TRIZCON2017 will be held at the Linq Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. This internationally renown entertainment resort has everything for everybody. AI has blocked rooms at a discounted rate for our event. I strongly suggest that you make your reservations now and not miss out on the low conference rates of $69 per night plus taxes and fees. TRIZCON2017.652

Reservations: In order to make you reservations click -- LINQ Hotel. It is hotel policy to charge one room night to your card (about $77). If you are not going to attend the Conference, you have 72 hours before your reservation to cancel your reservation and your deposit will be refunded. Upon Availability, AI discounted rate will expire on 17 March 2017. We have a limited number of rooms blocked at this low rate. Make your reservations NOW!

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 TRAVEL Information


 Awards Information


 Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies

Altshuller Institute Awards Nomination Request
Due by 2 February 2017

Instructions for Award Nominations

a. Please review the descriptions of awards below and select the one for which your candidate is the strongest. The judges have the option to place the nominee in a different category based on the submission. The judges may also not make all awards each year based on the number of candidates for that year.
b. This information will be kept confidential and only used by the Awards Committee and Board of the Altshuller Institute. Any other release will require your permission.

c. If required, we will send by e-mail a Nominee Reference Material Form for additional material. As a minimum, we ask you to attach a CV and to support the candidate for the award selected. Please provide as much information as possible to improve the chance for selection.

Please email me the CV or if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Don Coates, Ph.D., P.E.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Altshuller Institute Awards Chairman


Award Descriptions

Altshuller Hall of Fame
We give the Altshuller Hall of Fame award to the individual with the highest level of sustained contribution for the practice and advancement of TRIZ principles, for significant advancement of TRIZ methodologies, and for technical leadership. Anyone in the world is eligible for this award. The Awards Board may designate, not more often than once each year a nominee not previously so designated. This award honors Genrich Altshuller the founder of TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, and the Altshuller Institute.

Altshuller Medal
This medal will be presented to the individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the application of TRIZ methodologies, especially through the organization and administration
of such work. For instance, an organization’s manager may have been an exceptional champion in the application of TRIZ at his organization.

Education Excellence Award
The Education Excellence Award is presented to the individual who is deemed by the Awards Board to demonstrate outstanding leadership specifically in the practice of teaching TRIZ, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept. This includes influencing other organizations to adopt educational programs related to TRIZ for example high schools grade schools and colleges. This individual has also been active in the development and presentation of meritorious educational TRIZ programs and literature.

Distinguished Service to the Altshuller Institute Medal
The Distinguished Service Medal represents distinction for service to the Altshuller Institute and the missions for which it stands. The medal honors the lifetime contribution of a person who has been recognized as a long-term enabler, catalyst or prime mover for the Altshuller Institute. The Altshuller grants this to those people who have clearly driven progress by promulgation of the Altshuller Institutes principles, methods, or science for the good of the society-at-large and who have exemplary, sustained service on behalf of AI that has benefited the whole of society such as social and ecological issues.

Best Practice Award
We present this award to the individual or company that has demonstrated the outstanding leadership and significant results in the application of modern TRIZ methods. This includes
organization and administration of such work. Usually this award goes out to an organization that uses TRIZ in an exceptional manner on a specific project or improvement opportunity. They
need to submit a write up explaining how they use TRIZ principles on the specific product or improvement opportunity. Usually a number of companies will submit applications for this award.