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 Purdue University has added a TRIZ course for the Fall semester. The Instructor is Kartik B. Ariyur. For more information about Professor Ariyur, go to Instructor.

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Learning Objective:
Familiarize students with methods that are easily accessible but rigorous for formulation and solution of hard (PSPACE or harder) design optimization problems to rapidly create products, services, systems or solutions to specific problems whose performance is insensitive to uncertainties in components and operating environment. It is built around a core of TRIZ ideas developed by Genrikh Altshuller, but integrates cutting edge discoveries and practice from a variety of sources: mathematical problem solving, optimization and decision theory, marketing, finance, and management research, and includes the following:
Identifying the market and value proposition
Rigorous and accessible formulation
Solution via reducing the search space
Eliminating tradeoffs to reduce dimension of optimization problems
Execution through developing strategies for experiment, construction and monetization

While creativity and innovation are popular as buzzwords, they are seldom used in any exact sense. In a decision-theoretic sense, the complexity of a problem is dependent upon the size of the space of decisions in which an optimum is sought. Building an anti-gravity device for example would require billions of experiments, while building a non-standard size bolt requires only interpolation between existing designs, i.e., one experiment. Both the preceding, are in some sense innovations, but the value and difficulty in the former far exceeds the latter. F2017 Syllabus & Course Flyer
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