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  Jun. 5, 2017

Dear TRIZ Colleagues,

    Toru Nakagawa

         Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated last night (dated Jun. 4) in English and in Japanese pages.


[1] Introductions of Individual Papers of ETRIA TFC 2016:

  1. Promotion of TRIZ in Industries (5 Papers)
  2. Usage of TRIZ in Education and in Academia (5 Papers)

     Toru Nakagawa)


[2] Letters from Readers(Feb. - Apr. 2017) : Added in the English page: from 2 readers + Toru


[1] Conference Report (31) - Papers D and E: Personal Report of ETRIA TFC 2016:


Introductions of Individual Papers:

Introductions of the papers presented at TFC2016 are written by Toru Nakagawa in English.

Here are 5 papers in Category D, and 5 more in Category E.

  •  marks are highly recommended.
  1. Promotion of TRIZ in Industries (5 Papers)

D1. ● A long-term strategy to spread TRIZ in SMEs. Analysis of Bergamo's experience:
Davide Russo, Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi (Italy)

D2. Combining TRIZ and open innovation, a new promising perspective for enhancing corporate innovation processes:
Masih Hanifi, Remy Houssin, Denis Cavallucci, Simon Fuhlhaber (France)

D3. R&D in Poland ? is the country close to a knowledge-driven economy?:
Dorota Chybowska, Leszek Chybowski (Poland)

D4. Is Poland an innovative country?:
Dorota Chybowska, Leszek Marek Chybowski (Poland)

D5. ● Why TRIZ Popularity is Declining:
Sergey Sobolev, Oleg Abramov (Russia)

  1. Usage of TRIZ in Education and in Academia (5 Papers)

E1. A Brief Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (BTIPS) - an Approach in Teaching, Learning and Practice:
Zbigniew Marian Bzymek (USA)

E2. ● Aspects of teaching TRIZ:
Christoph Dobrusskin (The Netherlands)

E3. Product development using heuristic-systematic approach: a case study:
Bartosz Pryda, Marek Mysior (Poland)

E4. ● Development of creative education materials for students at middle and high school using design thinking process with simplified TRIZ:
Kyeongwon LEE (South Korea)

E5. ● Idea Generation with Substance-Field Analysis: the Influence of Prior Knowledge and Practical Experience:
Iouri Belski, Anne Skiadopoulos, Guillermo Aranda-Mena (Australia), Gaetano Cascini, Davide Russo (Italy)
(Note: This paper E5 is about "Importance of General Knowledge in Creative Idea Generation: An Experiment and Discussions")

[2] TRIZ Forum: Letters from Readers(Feb. - Apr. 2017

[Added in the English page]

Min-Gyu Lee (Korea & Finland), Giuseppe Carignani (Italy), Toru Nakagawa

  1. Lee communicated with me on my Introduction to his ETRIA TFC 2016 paper; it's a pleasure for me that the Author appreciates my Introduction article.
  1. Carignani is going to have a chance to talk on TRIZ to high school teachers and asks me for some references.

I suggested the Entrance page for Children and High school students of this site.


Toru Nakagawa, Dr., Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University

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