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Manabu SawaguchiDecember, 2008
Manabu Sawaguchi

I want to propose "Creative Risk Management Based on Reverse Thinking (CRMBRT)" as one of the Future- oriented Risk Management Techniques in this paper.  I’ve developed this method (CRMBRT) by using examples from "Subversive Analysis (SA)" as the origin of "Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD)" developed by Ideation Inc. AFD is one of the contemporary TRIZ techniques. Therefore, it is clear that CRMBRT is in the TRIZ field.

To be more precise, based on this way of subversive thinking, CRMBRT initially requires us to create a lot of "bad ideas" for bringing failures or accidents in the system into reality, with the utilization of not only inventive principles in TRIZ but also functional analysis in VE by involving the environmental resources around the society, so that CRMBRT can clarify the mechanism of "Dangerous Scenarios (DS)" about "Unknown Risks (UR)" in the near future.


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