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Advanced Practice TRIZ Course

From December 11, 2017 13:17 until December 15, 2017 15:17
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Advanced Practice TRIZ Course

The objective of the course is to help TRIZ users in gaining advanced level experience in applying TRIZ and confidence in working on their real-life problems.

Topics covered:

  • Analysis of a Situation and Problem Formulation
  • Ideal Ways (the best directions to design the ideal product or process)
  • Solving a class of problems called an Insufficient Function
  • Solving a class of problems called a Conflict
  • Solving a class of problems called a Harmful or Unwanted Function
  • Developing Maximum Usage of a Solution
  • Combined Application of TRIZ Methods
  • Solving Real-life Problems Brought by Participants
  • Learning a TRIZ Lesson from Each TRIZ Application

Prerequisites: Designing and Manufacturing Better Products Faster Using TRIZ, 40-hour TRIZ course.

Textbook: Royzen, Zinovy. TRIZ Case Studies.  Advanced Practice TRIZ Course, TRIZ Consulting, Inc., Seattle, 2017.

Place:     Seattle

Dates:     December 11-15, 2017

Time:      8 AM-5 PM                                               

Fee:        $4,999

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