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pdf Device to make Texting while Driving Safer New

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Device to make Texting while Driving Safer.asd.pdf

Abstract by Aparajit Venkatesh, Undergraduate, School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue UniversityAparajit Venkatesh 105

Texting while driving has been a major cause of car accidents amongst the current millennials as 75% of them prefer texting over voice calling. 1 out of every four car accidents is caused due to texting while driving contributing to 330,000 injuries every year. Cars have been extremely well equipped with hands off voice calling technologies, but there are not many devices that offer hands-off texting options. Thus, there is a need for a device which will make texting while driving seamless. TRIZ power tools were used to eliminate design contradictions and discover marketing strategy for the product. Several conceptual designs were formulated and analyzed deeply; then possible trade-offs were evaluated for each conceptual design. This ensured that many possible designs were evaluated thoroughly before deciding on the final design.

The final conceptual design involves a camera, microprocessor and heads-up display working in tandem to evaluate if a given situation is safe to text or not. If the given situation is safe, then the heads-up display would switch on and the driver can input the text via voice command, else, the heads-up display would be on standby. A device would enable the heads-up display to project the phone screen. This set-up has the potential to incorporate other features available on a smartphone as well. This would provide a seamless means to interact with a smartphone and decrease the possibility of mishaps as humans would no longer be using their discretion to decide if a situation is safe for using the smartphone. The marketing strategy has been designed to provide maximum leap in value to the customer. This paper will discuss the methods used to arrive at this solution and marketing strategies.

pdf Design and Development of Data Logging System for Two-Wheelers using TRIZ Methodology New

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Design and 1Development of a Data Logging System forTwo-Wheelers using TRIZ Methodology FINAL.pdf

Abstract  by Ashish Sonawnae1, Nachiket Makh2, Kiran P. Wani3   Ashis Sonawnae.007

            In case of two-wheeler having manual transmission for long run and city driving condition driver suffer from fatigue due to manual clutch and gearshift actions.  New transmission system has to develop which will improve the driver's comfort by reducing frequent operation of clutch and gear changes. For making changes in transmission system collecting data of parameters like engine speed, vehicle speed, clutch position, brake position, throttle position and gear position and their performance characteristics with respect to time have to know.

            A Data Logger System is developed using TRIZ methodology. The data logging system acquires the required data of above six parameters from the existing system which can be used for determining the performance characteristics of the all parameters. The system configuration and its components like sensors and controller are selected by considering the 40 principles and contradiction matrix of TRIZ. Finally, a complete low-cost data logging system is developed in optimum time. this data logging system can be used for any other type of two-wheeler with some minor modifications

pdf Development of a Innovative Transmission system for Two-Wheelers using TRIZ Methodology New

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Development of a Novel Transmission system for Two-Wheelers using TRIZ Methodology.pdf

Abstract  by Enanko Moulick1 and Kiran P. Wani2   Enanko Moulick.006

            In a developing country like India, Two-wheelers dominate the automotive market with around 80% market shares. In Indian city traffic conditions, driving a two wheeler is a tiresome job. Manual transmission makes this task even further uncomfortable. So an automatic transmission is a better solution.

            A new automatic transmission system is being developed which can reduce fatigue of drivers. TRIZ methodology was followed all over the process. Initially 12 designs are proposed and their pros and cons are noted. They are compared with the existing transmission systems and their improving and worsening features are noted. With the help of the contradiction matrix and 40 principles of TRIZ are identified for each design and principles were followed to look for the solution.

            Based on the required output 5 designs are selected. They are further studied in detailed and their new improving and worsening features are noted and same procedures are followed and finally two designs are selected where one is suited for Automatic Transmission of Two-Wheelers and the other for Hybrid-Two Wheelers.

pdf Design of Automatic Manual Transmission for two wheelers using TRIZ Methodology New

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Design of Automatic Manual Transmission for two wheelers using TRIZ Methodology.pdf

Abstract by Nachiket Makh1, Ashish Sonawane2, Kiran P. Wani3   Nachiket Makh.005

Predominantly, manual transmission is having higher transmission efficiency over other transmission systems. In daily traffic conditions it becomes very hectic for the driver to drive the vehicle as it requires frequent gear changes. To overcome this problem, an emerging type of transmission i.e. Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) system is the best solution. In simple words, Automatic Manual Transmission system is the introduction of electronics in manual transmission system.

An AMT system is developed using the TRIZ methodology. The selection of components is done using the 40 principles and contradiction matrix, evolution trends of TRIZ methodology. In this system, we are using actuator and motor for clutch and gear actuation. For clutch actuation we are using linear actuator and for gear actuator we are using stepper motor. This design can be used in all types of two wheelers effectively and is also having very less maintenance.     

pdf Developing an Asset Price Predictor with TRIZ Methods New

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Developing an asset price predictor with TRIZ methods.pdf

Abstract  by Tianqi Ye and Kartik AriyurTianqi Ye 107

Investing is challenging. Focusing on various aspects, such as political, economic, and psychological aspects, investors often follow different rules, hypotheses, and strategies to make an investing decision. Individuals with a limited investing skill set, especially young adults, may feel overwhelmed. Using some TRIZ tools, we propose a simple three-step investment strategy. During the price forecasting process, we use cross-correlation technique to form a base price-tracking model and for defining the sub/super system of a target asset or stock. We then use data mining techniques and the quantity theory of money to check certain technology’s productivity curve and also track the bubble dynamics which account for the difference in price between our estimated book value and price in real-time. Using an example of bitcoin price prediction, we demonstrate the accuracy of this strategy. As the results show, the base model was capable of providing the price trend for the following 24 days. At the same time, the risk model predicted two price collapses during the forecasting process. We successfully tracked the price of the bitcoin between March 2017 to January 2018, and were able to continuously generate reliable buy and sell signals.

pdf Design and Development Of Cost Effective Light Weight Automotive Body Panels New

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Design and Development Of Cost Effective Light Weight.pdf

Abstract by  K.Keshava Datt  K.Keshava Datt.003

The demand for fuel economy improvement and cost reduction is rapidly increasing and there is an extensive need for finding alternative solutions to produce lighter vehicles.

On the other hand, there is an increasing demand for higher quality exterior panels, higher dent resistance for better appearance quality & low cost maintenance.

This demands for high quality dent resistant hard body panels & thin sheets with better formability for weight reduction.


 Ductile sheets are needed for better formability, but ductility reduces the hardness and hence the dent resistance of body panels.

 Material shall be strong enough to take static and dynamic loads, but high strength materials will be expensive.

Solving Methodology:

TRIZ methodology has been used to overcome these contradictions and achieve weight reduction with better dent resistance and also achieve cost saving compared to existing body panels.

Mapping the contradictions to the 39x39 contradiction matrix, Principle were detected and solution in line with these principles were worked out. 

pdf TRIZ at Purdue - Pedagogical methods with Examples and Student Creativity New

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TRIZ at Purdue - Pedagogical Methods.pdf

Abstract:  Kartik B. Ariyur, CTO, SAMMS LLC, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Kartik A.002

A course in innovation with emphasis on TRIZ methods at Purdue was first offered in Fall 2017, and has also been offered in Spring 2018 both in class and online. Its object has been to maximize student creativity, and the class instruction is designed using the methods it teaches. To ensure rapid progress, the students are required to have basic prerequisites of linear algebra, differential or difference equations, and familiarity with optimization and probability. Evaluation is entirely online with quizzes to test understanding of subject material and project updates to test the ability to apply that material in problem solving. The course avoids ambiguity of representation via a precise quantitative representation of problem statements at different levels as cause-effect chains linked with functions or equivalently, dynamic systems with their parameters, inputs, disturbances and outputs. It avoids appeals to social authority (known as heuristics) in the following ways to make the methods at once rigorous and accessible: idealization of the system function through market based tools; idealization of its implementation through determining its closest approximation in the physical world; idealization of its components through determining the best available approximation to the desired physical effect; and resolution of contradictions generalized to systemic alterations of optimization problems. Risk minimizing project design, optimization methods, experiment design, system identification, sales, marketing and intellectual property strategies are presented so the student is ready to execute research or engineering projects, and build products, services or companies. Snippets are provided from the results of both the Fall and Spring courses to show the depth of the insights generated by students. 

pdf Mathematics and Dialectics of Dance New

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Mathematics and Dialectics of Dance.pdf

Abstract  by Igor Polkovnikov (Igor Polk)Igor Polk 100

We are going to practice with our own body some fundamental principles of building very complex multidimensional systems, using an interplay of the opposite: left and right, forward and backward, one and two, even and odd, open and closed, asymmetry and symmetry of two sides and how they follow from each other when assembling systems, circular and linear, inside and outside, leading and following, double feedback between two partners. Also, we are going to touch some principles of advanced human body movement, space management, and leadership skills. Dance gives a unique opportunity in internalizing inventive and dialectical principles, absorbing them by intuition. The emphasis is done not on the dance or its relation to music, but on how to create patterns, i.e., systems out of elements of the opposite nature. On mathematical side, the material is closely related to topology and group theory. The author is an inventor and Argentinean Tango instructor. The material of the presentation is further developed in the author's book "Twist Forms."

pdf Achieving Altshuller's Dream: Going from Heuristics to Algorithms to make Creativity Scientific New

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Achieving Altshuller's Dream.pdf

Abstract     Kartik B. Ariyur, CTO, SAMMS LLC, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Kartik A.002

Heuristics are used in many disciplines because of the large number of experiments and calculations required to answer the underlying questions. TRIZ gathers and generalizes such heuristics and is perhaps the most powerful body of such heuristics. However past results or success, as in the performance of financial instruments or industrialists is no guarantee of future performance because the results are obtained in an uncontrolled or non-experimental environment. We provide methods that solve a broad class of problems whose solutions requires a large number of experiments or calculations or both. The methods we have developed achieve this result through the following.

1. Making optimization problems more tractable through dimension reduction or mapping into an easier problem.

2. Recognizing the most fundamental objective function arising from biology, that of self- preservation that drives all system evolution. Indeed, all system functions are special cases of this function.

3. Recognizing all value creation arises from relative increases of this objective function of self-preservation formulated as an entropy.

4. Time weighted by talent as the scarcest resource, and the most important constraint in all human activity.

5. Reducing search complexity of analysis, experiment, calculation by ensuring the system function is as close as possible to the desired function, the physical effect used is as close as possible to the system function, and the implementation objects are as close as possible to the system function.

Our framework shows why TRIZ heuristics have been successful and also shows how to build better heuristics. 


pdf Biblical David vs. Goliath: Provocation and What Other Principles are Involved New

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Biblical David vs Goliath.pdf

Abstract  by Igor PolkIgor Polk 100

The duel between biblical David and Goliath is not a simple affair. By chance, by careful preparation, or by the will of God, there are at least twelve (12) inventive principles involved.

The presentation reveals the plot behind and discusses the method of provocation, which itself is a combination of six inventive principles.