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for TRIZ Studies

 The Altshuller Institute believes that all men and women seek to be more creative and innovative. We believe that with the right tools and some training, people can become 10-30% more innovative and productive. TRIZ energizes and expedites the process of innovation. TRIZ is a natural amplifier of our talents, knowledge and experience. Everything that we do in our life and any decision that we make will be better and more effective when we apply TRIZ. TRIZ alters the critical thinking of people that learn and use it.

The Mission of the Altshuller Institute is to grow productivity and innovation with TRIZ. Application of TRIZ methods to medicine, agriculture, manufacturing and management can spur innovation and improve the human condition. Join us in making this world a better place. TRIZ is the tool, you are the force and the product is a better world.

About Us: Altshuller Institute is a global organizations that has developed a viable TRIZ certification process and promotes the universality of TRIZ in the world marketplace.

What we promote: TRIZ technology will solve problems, better, cheaper and faster.

What we do:  We promote the use of TRIZ in the world through conferences, webinars, books and videos. We are developing TRIZ programs for STEM education. We promote TRIZ training from TRIZ providers by advertising their workshops. Product design is your business, accelerating innovative problem solving is ours.

How we can help: Many people struggle to innovate on demand. TRIZ uses a repeatable process to eTRIZ   Light 114nhance your problem solving abilities. Innovation and creativity can be learned using the time proven techniques developed by Altshuller and his followers.Our organization can help your company accelerate innovation, solve your problems and move your dreams forward. Your team will learn to develop the best innovative solution for their problem. Will you help yourself by joining Altshuller Institute?

What is TRIZ?: TRIZ is a powerful disruptive technology that demonstrates that creativity and innovation skills can be learned. This is paradigm shift of immense importance to improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations in product development and management and to all who would like to participate in STEM related areas. TRIZ is unique in that it was developed from empirical data -- patent research. A knowledge of TRIZ can benefit all segments of the population. TRIZ does not compete with or replace other quality methods but can be used to enhances their weaknesses. TRIZ synergistically compliments other quality methodologies like QFD, Six Sigma, Kaisan, Lean, etc. TRIZ energizes and expedites the process of innovation. TRIZ is a natural amplifier of our talents, knowledge and experience. Everything that we do in our life and any decision that we make will be better and more effective when we apply TRIZ. TRIZ alters the critical thinking of people that learn and use it. TRIZ is the Technology for Innovation.

Certification:The Altshuller Institute has developed a viable TRIZ certification program to insure the integrity of the TRIZ process and the competence of the candidates that have met the rigorous requirements of certification at various levels. Earning a certification from the Altshuller Institute indicates that the candidate has satisfied curriculum requirements and has passed a comprehensive test. This process insures that AI certificants are competent to produce results at their level of achievement. (More information)
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Altshuller Institute: We are the only organization officially authorized by Genrikh Altshuller, the founder of TRIZ, to use his name. TRIZ (pronounced treez) is the Russian acronym for the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving." TRIZ is a powerful systematic methodology, based on empirical data (study of patents) that can provide solution concepts for a wide range of technical and non-technical problems. 

In 1995, the team at Technical Innovation Center approached Genrikh Altshuller about creating a non-for-profit institution to promote TRIZ outside of Russia. Genrikh Altshuller gave his blessing for the idea and members of the TRIZ community went about realizing this initiative. In the fall of 1998, with the enthusiastic support of TRIZ users around the world, the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies was established. The Institute has continued to develop, serving the needs of a growing TRIZ community.

The Altshuller Institute, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, provides many services to the world TRIZ community. In addition to disseminating TRIZ training at our annual TRIZ conference, TRIZCON, the Altshuller Institute also promotes other global TRIZ events and links to other TRIZ-related sites. The Altshuller Institute's General Store makes the largest collection of TRIZ materials in the world available to everyone. This web site also provides news sections for any member of the TRIZ community to post press releases. Don't miss our monthly online periodicals, articles and papers relative to current TRIZ usage.

Membership: AI has several membership levels: Free - temporary status; Annual Membership; Student Memberships; Lifetime Memberships and Retired Memberships. Get the most benefit from TRIZ and this website by becoming a member. For more membership information.

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We provide information and services to:
  1. Anyone looking for innovation, effective thinking skills, and problem solving techniques,
  2. Those who have heard about TRIZ and want to learn more.
  3. Businesses seeking to develop or expand their R&D efforts more productively,
  4. Schools that are interested in STEM. TRIZ is a perfect strand to provide a systematic problem solving methodology, 
  5. TRIZ practitioners who wish to expand TRIZ to the world can use our Manufacturing Blog
  6. Members can list their Aha Moment -- when they realized the power and potential of TRIZ.
  7. Consultants and practitioners seeking tools to compliment their Six Sigma, Lean, QFD or other quality programs
  8. Develop a strong international membership base that will allow expansion of member benefits and global deployment of TRIZ.

Who can benefit from TRIZ?: TRIZ can be taught to children and adults to stimulate creativity and improve critical thinking. TRIZ provides a host of tools and concepts to enhance systematic problem solving skills. TRIZ can be learned through reading, lectures, coaching and practice in the same way as we learn how to play a musical instrument or become a professional sports player. Improved and accelerated learning can be accomplished from professional TRIZ Providers.

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