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Apr. 26, 2017

Dear TRIZ Colleagues,

    Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University)

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated yesterday (dated Apr. 24) in English and in Japanese pages.

[1] Letters from ReadersFeb. - Apr. 2017

[1A] English page: from 8 readers + Toru Nakagawa

[1B] Japanese page: from 2 readers + Toru Nakagawa

[1C] Information Letter: TRIZ Activities at OGU (Toru Nakagawa)

[2] Introductions of Individual Papers of ETRIA TFC 2016:

     C. Case Studies in Industries (9 Papers)

     Toru Nakagawa    


[1] TRIZ Forum: Letters from ReadersFeb. - Apr. 2017

[1A] [English page]

Tomasz Arciszewski (USA), Czeslaw Cempel (Poland), Simon Litvin (USA), Pavel Livotov (ETRIA President), Oliver Mayer (Germany), Michal Halas (Poland), William Hessler (USA), Shahid Saleem Arshard (Australia); Toru Nakagawa (OGU)

On request from S. Litvin, I wrote a document of my whole activities related to TRIZ and Creative Problem Solving Methodology at OGU (See a separate page [1C] ).

For writing Introductions of ETRIA TFC2016 papers, I sent a request to many TFC2016 authors for sending me their presentation slides.

And I received a message from ETRIA President to note the copyrights issues of the papers.

I confirmed that Papers in English are not posted/cited because ETRIA is going to publish them officially in spring NEXT year and that Slides in English may be posted/cited under Author's permissions and Papers and Slides in Japanese translation are allowed to be posted/cited.

I explained these points to the Authors and posted my Introductions of 17 TFC2016 papers on Mar. 30 under their permissions.

W. Hessler suggested me to make my Web site design easier to read and more user-friendly, especially for beginners.

I want to make this Web site, however, up-to-date, reliable, and high-quality source of information of TRIZ and Creative problem solving methodology in general.

For making such an intention compatible with user-friendliness, I have been trying to implement various measures; they are summarized here again in reply.

Probably it will be most effective from now on to insert more photos (such as people in conferences, authors of articles, flowers in seasons, etc.).

I would like to ask you, the readers, to contribute articles and give suggestions to this Web site.

[1B] [Japanese page]

Mr. O; Akihiro Katahira; Toru Nakagawa (OGU)

Mr. O, who is going to introduce TRIZ in his company, asked me about the position of TRIZ among various idea generation methods.

I replied that methods of creative problem solving are more important than simple, short-cut oriented idea-generation methods.

Such methodology has been developed recently by improving/generalizing TRIZ.

The concept of 'Six-Box Scheme' and easy process USIT should be learnt, by using USIT Manual and USIT Case Studies.

I just introduced the essence of what are discussed repeatedly in this Web site.


[1C] TRIZ Forum: Information Letter: TRIZ Activities at OGU:
       Research, Education, Application, and Proliferation   (Toru Nakagawa)

I wrote this Information Letter for reporting my whole activities related to TRIZ and Creative Problem Solving Methodology at OGU, with the emphasis that research, education, application, and proliferation of TRIZ and related methodology are done in a parallel and cooperative


My whole activities for these 20 years since 1997 are described in a chronological manner, in three A4 pages .

[2] Conference Report (31)-Papers C: Personal Report of ETRIA TFC 2016:

   Introductions of Individual Papers: C. Case Studies in Industries (9 Papers)

     (Toru Nakagawa)    

Introductions of the papers presented at TFC2016 are written by Nakagawa in English.

Here are 9 papers in the 3rd category. marks are highly recommended.

C1. Heuristic problems in automation and control design: what can be learnt from TRIZ?:
Leonid Chechurin (Finland), Viktor Berdonosov (Russia), et al.

C2. Optimizing motor performance by using TRIZ methodology:
Matej Hohnjec et al. (Slovenia)

C3. A proposal for automation of conceptual design stage in Architecture-Engineering- Construction (AEC) projects:
Ivan A. Renev (Finland)

C4. TRIZ and innovation of pressing process:
Bohuslav Busov et al. (Czech Republic)

C5. TRIZ and turbojet engine innovation:
Bohuslav Busov, Zden?k Katolicky et al. (Czech Republic)

C6. Mobile biogas station design: the TRIZ approach:
Mariusz Ptak et al. (Poland)

C7. Design for change: disaggregation of functions in system architecture by TRIZ-based design:
Sebastian Koziolek (Poland)

C8. TRIZ based problem solving of tile manufacturing system: Toru.831 Sebastian Koziolek, Mateusz S?upi?ski (Poland)

C9. TRIZ-based analysis of the rail industry problem of low adhesion:
John Cooke (UK)


The Photo posted at the top page:

at Monastery of Lorch (Germany),
Apr. 7, 2017, Toru Nakagawa.


Toru Nakagawa, Dr., Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University

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