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Photo of Young Ju KangApril 2010

Young Ju Kang

LG case study for making shrinking tubes

Since 2001, LG Cable has tried to enhance R&D processes and manufacturing processes by applying TRIZ. Therefore, LG Cable opened TRIZ education course and have taught full process of TRIZ to research engineers. And TRIZ has been adapted to practical engineering projects.
Several successful results were achieved through co-work with TRIZ team and research engineers. For instance, the quality of Polymer Insulator and Heat Shrinkable Tube were improved dramatically. The tolerance of Heat Shrinkable Tube was relatively more than 7mm and the production speed was limited by the tolerance. Some solutions which satisfy production speed and quality were developed by TRIZ. And the tensile strength of Polymer Insulator was increased by TRIZ, too.
In this paper, TRIZ applications and activities in LG Cable will be discussed with example of Heat Shrinkable Tube and full processes.



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