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 September 2010

Enhancing Air Safety for Pilots and ATC using TRIZ

Air Safety is a term embracing the concepts, theory, investigation and categorization of flight failures, and the prevention of such failures through regulation, education and training. The Pilots and Air Trac Controllers (ATC) face a whole panoply of critical decisions during the flight, and most of them are taken within split second under stressful situations. The displays of cockpit and ATC and design of cockpit, are very crucial factors for successful flights. The pilot and ATC face lot of conflicts while performing their roles. The need to display more information conflicts with the focus needed for flying. The vital information needs to be segregated from the routine information. The need to have more switches to control the aircraft conflicts with the operational e ectiveness. This article explores the use of TRIZ principles for resolution of some of these conflicts in order to enhance the Air Safety.

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