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Photo of Isak BukhmanDecember 2010

Isak Bukhman
This article comes to us from TRIZCON2005 and is a green related case study by our good friend and associate Isak Bukhman.  Isak is currently President & Global Consultant of TRIZ Solutions LLC.
Wind turbines represent an attractive source of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy. World wind energy  apacity has been doubling every three years during the last decade and growth rates in the last two years have been even faster. Yet the technology still needs a higher profile and greater efficiency.
Using the improvement of Wind Turbine Development as a case study, this presentation focuses on a proven and repeatable process that overcomes common TRIZ deployment challenges by showing a workflow and methodology for how to get started working on a problem with TRIZ, how to compliment TRIZ with Value Methodologies for problem identification, and how to leverage internal and external knowledge sources to accelerate concept identification.



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