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navneet bhushan

Navneet Bhushan

Law of Increasing Intelligence of Technical Systems

We discovered that human beings by collectively evolving their technical systems, are trying to make each technical system as close to a human being as possible - or at least a model of human being and its environment based on the current understanding of the world (for example, understanding of laws of physics and chemistry in making an automobile) and the current understanding of the system called the human being. As man understands the world around it as well as its body and its mind, it wants to create an "ideal man" or at least an idealized human of all technical systems it is creating. This is an unexpected discovery and may take the readers used to classical TRIZ, sometime to accept it.

Navneet Bhushan is a founder and director of CRAFITTI Consulting, an innovation consulting and research firm focused on co-crafting innovation in global enterprises. In his paper, Navneet makes some challenging conclusions about where and how ideal systems are evolving to.


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