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Genrikh Altshuller Teaching TRIZ

Altshuller TeachingOriginal live Russian footage of Genrikh Altshuller actually teaching TRIZ to his students.  This film contains two different scenes of Genrikh Altshuller teaching TRIZ to students and two others of him discussing TRIZ and Innovation in general.  You can buy a DVD of "The Club of Interesting Problems " in our General Store. This film has the original Russian soundtrack with English subtitles. This is a collector's film; a must have item for the individual fascinated with TRIZ.

The following is a clip from "The Club of Interesting Problems."  Click the play button or the center of the screen to play the clip.


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  • This live footage is a rare deal indeed and second best to seeing him in person. To really grasp his inventive idea of problem solving I think it's necessary to see him explain it. It's truly an enlightening experience for us TRIZ fans.

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